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"The symposium provided a great way to recharge."

​-  MD, Houston, Tx

The structure of the symposium is highly unique. Our mission is to empower physicians with tools that can be translated back to their everyday work-life integration. We offer didactic lectures for professional development, accompanied by opportunities for personal resiliency skill acquisition through the exposures offered at Miraval. We translate the knowledge we have on preventing, avoiding and managing burnout into actions and practical experiences, bridging the gap and removing the disconnect.

"I am now able to put more effort into inclusion and diverse opinion."

​-MD, Omaha, NE

"This symposium taught me how to decrease participation in nonessential activities that are stressful and draining to me and select those that motivate me."

​-MD, Stanford, CA

"I now recognize the importance of resilience."

-MD, Edna, MN

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"Great to talk with peers and get different views."

​-MD, San Francisco, CA

"Excellent symposium!"

​-MD, Tucson, Arizona

Effective communication is a critical component for success. Learn how to self-assess for strengths and improvement opportunities, communicate for change, and identify and manage micro-aggressions. These are a few of the practical skills which will be presented. Addressing the physician as a whole fortifies the person with practical techniques translatable back to his/ her practice and work-life integration.

"As a result of my participation, I can now educate and practice mindfulness techniques".

​-MD, Monroeville, PA

San Diego, CA​​

May 15 - 19, 2019

"I will now meditate more and take a moment before difficult patients or a difficult colleague interaction."

-MD, Pittsburgh, PA